The Wai’anae Economic Development Council is a premier community economic development agency and a leader in the community development field for its collective approach to community planning, capacity building, financial services, and business development.


Increase opportunities for Wai’anae Coast residents by developing the community’s rich, natural, cultural, and human resources.


Create an ongoing, sustainable and long-term community planning entity to take responsibility for community planning and the development needs on the Wai’anae Coast.

Our Operating Values

  • Aloha
  • Integrity and Mutual Respect
  • Strong Healthy Relationships
  • Community Benefit
  • Value Creation
  • Moku, ‘Ahupua’a and Culturally-Based

Bringing quality and safety to life.

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Weʻre passionate about expanding economic opportunities for Waiʻanae Coast residents.

You need to value what the community has, you operate from the communityʻs assets, you take a look at the strengths that the community has and build off of that.

WEDC was founded on the backs of many generations of Waiʻanae Coast residents, who have been working on improving our community, from as long as I can remember. Throughout all of the past 40 years that Iʻve been in community work. The people of this community have given their all to make sure that this community improves, and the lives of the people who live here are better because of what they do.

It began in 2014 after a meeting with a government agency, who came out to our community, asking what they should prioritize in regard to funding.

Joseph Lapilio